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This page uses the HTML accesskey attribute to select colors with keyboard shortcuts. There may be conflicts with your browser's shortcuts.

Hold "Alt+[key]" in most browsers, or "Shift+Alt+[key]" in Firefox.

'1' = None

'q' = White

'a' = Grey

'z' = Black

'2' = Red

'3' = Yellow

'4' = Green

'5' = Cyan

'6' = Blue

'7' = Magenta

'w' = Red-yellow

'e' = Green-yellow

'r' = Green-cyan

't' = Blue-cyan

'y' = Blue-magenta

'u' = Red-magenta

's' = Dark red

'd' = Dark yellow

'f' = Dark green

'g' = Dark cyan

'h' = Dark blue

'j' = Dark magenta

'x' = Light red

'c' = Light yellow

'v' = Light green

'b' = Light cyan

'n' = Light blue

'm' = Light magenta

You can save a drawing with the "Ctrl+S" shortcut or "Save Page As" in the context menu, then selecting "Web Page, complete", and saving the file.

You only need to keep the downloaded HTML file, and can open the file with any browser to see or edit the saved state.

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