Webpages (no JavaScript)


Fancy A simple page to write down text, with some customizable features.

Drawing v1

Full A simple 32px canvas for monochromatic pixel art.

Drawing v2 (Resource intensive)

Full Full XHTML A 48px square canvas for drawing pixel art, has 27 colors and multiple options.
Less Less XHTML Uses a 24px canvas.


Informational documents

Linux Cheat Sheet .txt 52.8 KiB download GitHub
Systemd Service - Autostart Example .txt 725 B download
Systemd Service - Minecraft Server Example .txt 1.6 KiB download
How Bitcoin Works .txt 4.7 KiB download
List of Periodic Element Names .txt 1.0 KiB download
List of Periodic Element Symbols .txt 339 B download

Personal documents

ASCII Art .txt 7.2 KiB download

Other resources

Linux Minecraft Server Installer/Updater .sh 11.6 KiB download

Site versions

Full Full XHTML


Fancy With additional features or content.
Full The default version of the webpage.
Less Reduced amount of code or content.
Minimum Reduced to as little code as possible.
XHTML Uses the XHTML format. (Experimental)